Anti Spam

Spam or junk email is a growing problem for any organisation which uses email, since the 1990's spam email has grown exponentially to over 200 billion unsolicited emails per day as of April 2010. Although the use of spam email is no longer growing at the same pace the numbers continue to increase and sporadically implemented laws have been largely ineffective in combating this nuisance.

So why is spam such a problem?

Spam emails often carry items of malware designed to infiltrate your systems to harvest sensitive information or just to wreak havoc by damaging and corrupting critical business data. Other varieties of spam email purport to be from banks, building societies or online payment systems and attempt to acquire personal information such as login credentials, credit card numbers and bank account details among other things.

What can you do about spam?

Although we can't stop spam being sent Aubury Computer Systems can prevent the majority of spam from reaching you, by using constantly updated filters on our email server we block the majority of spam so that it never makes it to your system while legitimate messages pass seamlessly through. The use of white and blacklists gives us even more control over who can and can't reach you, most of our clients see up to a 95% drop in the amount of spam emails reaching them.

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