Privacy Policy

May 2018
Who we are and how to contact us
Aubury Computer Systems Ltd
York House
40 York Road
GL20 5HG
Phone:             01684 299007
What this privacy policy covers
In accordance with the data protection acts, this privacy policy tells you how and why we use personal information.
What is personal information?
Personal information is defined as information about you that is personally identifiable such as your name, address, email address and phone number. 
Uses of personal information
Aubury Computer Systems Ltd (ACS) uses personal information for:-
Contracts for goods and services
Administering accounts
Fulfilling statutory requirements
Administering payroll for staff
In-house analysis and reporting
Legal basis
The legal basis for holding personal information is as follows:-
The buying and selling of goods and services.
Running payroll.
Legal Obligation:
Statutory reporting (eg. HMRC, Companies House and Health & Safety Regulators).
Legitimate Interest:
Responding to general enquiries.
In-house analysis and reporting.
Disclosure of personal information
ACS will never sell personal information.  We will only share information where required for statutory purposes (e.g. Annual reporting to Companies House, HMRC reporting, Health & Safety reporting) or where required to complete an agreed contract (e.g. sharing information with a software supplier to set up a customer account).
Keeping your personal information secure
We will only retain personal data as long as it is necessary for business, regulatory or legal reasons.  Once personal information is no longer needed it is securely destroyed.  You have the right to request removal from our contact lists.
Online Media
ACS’s website does not contain cookies or collect any data on site visitors.
ACS’s Facebook page is administered in accordance to Facebook user rules and Facebook’s privacy policy. If you choose to post or comment on KCT’s Facebook page, please ensure you have read Facebook’s policies.
Accessing your information
The data protection acts gives subjects the right to review data held by KCT and to have those details corrected if they are wrong.
If you wish to access the details we hold on you, please contact “the Company Secretary, Aubury Computer Systems Ltd” by telephone, email or letter (details are at the top of this page).  A response will be made within a period of 28 days. 
If you have any cause to believe that ACS is not managing and storing your data properly, you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office, details of which are available via the ICO website.  Further details on GDPR are also available there.